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Trading Goals

Trade up to $600k on a simulated Account, Get Instant Rewards, and Earn up to 95% of the Profits. Join PROWIT, Modern Prop Trading.

All accounts we provide to our clients are demo accounts with fictitious funds and any trading is in a simulated environment only. For more information.
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Versatile Evaluations

Customize your evaluation journey with the flexibility to opt for either a one-phase or two-phase evaluation process.

Best Drowdown

Improvements in conditions for max Drawdown and daily Drawdown.

One Time Payment

Not suscription, not monthly or yearly bill, only pay once.

Monthly Bonus

Get exclusive benefits by purchasing any challenge and get rewards when you get funded.

"Trade with a Leading Modern Prop Trading Firm"

What Makes Prowit Funded Different?

Empowering traders of all backgrounds, our evaluation options cater to a wide spectrum of budgets, spanning from $15K to $500K. Choose the evaluation pathway that suits you best, whether it's a streamlined one-phase approach or a comprehensive two-phase evaluation, tailored to maximize your potential.


How To Become A Funded Trader

Evaluation Phase

The Challenge

The Challenge is your initial launch into the mission of becoming a Funded Trader. Prove your trading skills, hit the profit target, maintain discipline, and showcase responsible risk management. Upon successful completion of all trading objectives, you'll rocket into Phase 2, The Verification.

Evaluation Phase

The Verification

The Verification is your second and final launch in the mission to become a Funded Trader. The trading objectives are gentler in this phase. Upon successful completion of the trading objectives and your results are verified, your Funded Trading Journey can ignite - the dawn of a beautiful journey.

Earn Real Money - 80% To 95% Of Your Profit

The Funded Trader

Congratulations! A new trader has risen in our Funded Team. Your mission now is to maintain risk management, trade with responsibility and consistency to scale your account to a 95% profit split, according to our scaling plan. Welcome to the next level of your Funded Trading Journey.

Choose the Best Prowit Challenge

“Unlock your trading potential today”
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The Best Web And Mobile Applications

Trade Anywhere, Anytime.

In our platform, we provide our clients with the freedom to trade in the financial markets from anywhere and at any time. With our leading mobile applications, cTrader and DX Trader, you can access your trading accounts and execute trades with ease and convenience from your mobile device.

About us

"Vision for the future of trading."

Led by a team of experts within the derivatives market, our private equity firm dominates the industry with consistent performance and risk management.

With an entrepreneurial spirit we launched Prowit Prop, a disruptive startup in self-employed trading. Our goal is to become one of the best companies in the world in the next five years while empowering over 5,000 stakeholders to become profitable millionaires.

To achieve this, we employ a unique profit-sharing model, prioritizing partners through a revenue-sharing plan. We also offer a scalable and well-structured plan to affiliates and clients, sharing up to 15% of our income.

Our goal is to provide a sense of ownership and incentivize exceptional performance. Prowit Trading Solutions is revolutionizing self-trading while supporting the success of like-minded people.